I am pretty sure that many of you have already installed Windows 8 Developer Preview to play, test and see what is new. One of the hundreds new features in Windows 8 is the Office Ribbon style throughout the operating system, which allows options and features that most of them were only used and known by advanced users to be found more easily, bringing them to the center stage. Well, now if you know your way around Windows, the Ribbon may not be necessary and you could be saving some real estate in your screen. Windows 8 makes easy to modify its features, one of them is the ability to hide the new Ribbon; this can be easily done by either:

Using Ctrl+F1 keyboard shortcut

Clicking the Minimize the Ribbon option in the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu

Clicking the up arrow in the top-right corner of Windows Explorer

Here is something extra, from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu you can also switch the position to where the new Ribbon is display by clicking Show below the Ribbon or Show above the Ribbon.

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