While this isn’t a problem as you’re intending to connect to a different network, you probably thought that this was a default behavior on Windows 10. However, it’s not, automatically trying to connect to a wireless hotspot is the work of Wi-Fi Sense.

What’s Wi-Fi Sense on Windows 10?

When you sign-in with a Microsoft account to your computer or Windows 10 Mobile device, Wi-Fi Sense collects information about the networks you connect. Then this information is combined with other Wi-Fi Sense customer’s data to build a database. Then this information is used to connect you quickly to the best wireless network available. The problem is that many times you’ll connect to suggested hotspots without you even knowing, and this can be a security risk. It can be a security risk, because connecting to an open network means that other people can connect to it, and other people might be able to see your personal information, such as when you buy online or when you’re checking your bank. It can also be annoying sometimes restarting your laptop or tablet, or having issues with your Wi-Fi router, will connect you to different wireless networks. These networks may also require authentication, and it may look as if you’re connected, but opening the web browser won’t get you anywhere. In this guide, you’ll learn a simple configuration to turn off Wi-Fi Sense from connecting your device to different wireless networks you didn’t intend to on Windows 10.

How to turn off Wi-Fi Sense on Windows 10

To disable Wi-Fi Sense to stop your PC from randomly connecting to open wireless networks, do the following:  Once you disabled the feature your computer will no longer connect automatically to suggested wireless networks. However, even with Wi-Fi Sense off, you can still connect to any other wireless network as always.

If you don’t see the Wi-Fi Sense option on the settings page, you’re probably not running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If this is your case, you’ll find the option under “Manage Wi-Fi settings” page. Do you have Wi-Fi Sense on or off on your Windows 10 device? Let us know in the comments below. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.