The feature is currently available on the Canary release of Chrome (version 110), but you need to enable it manually by turning on a couple of experimental settings on the “flags” page.  In previous versions, it was possible to change the color theme of the browser, but it involved selecting the color scheme manually. Although this feature is still available, you can now select a wallpaper image for the new tab page, and the browser will extract the primary colors and configure a color scheme automatically. This guide will teach you the steps to enable automatically color themes based on the new tab page image for Google Chrome.

Enable color theme from new tab wallpaper on Chrome

To set the color theme on Google Chrome automatically based on the new tab wallpaper, use these steps: Once you complete the steps, the next time you open the browser, you will notice that the tabs, address bar, and bookmarks interface will now use a color scheme based on the new tab background image.

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