The feature includes an option to normalize the audio output, which will come in handy to prevent commercials from playing louder than the actual content you are listening to or watching. You can turn stereo speakers into a surround experience, correct the audio in a room, and boost the bass of the speakers. This guide will teach you the steps to enhance the audio experience on Windows 11.

Enable enhance audio on Windows 11

To enable and configure “Enhance audio” on Windows 11, use these steps: Once you complete the steps, the settings will apply to enhance the audio experience on your Windows 11 computer.

Bass Boost: Boosts the lowest frequencies that the speakers can play. Virtual Surround: Encodes surround audio for transfer as stereo output to receivers with a Matrix decoder. Room Correction: Compensates for room and speaker characteristics. Loudness Equalization: Uses an understanding of human hearing to reduce perceived volume differences.

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