The best part about this integration is that the experience is very customizable. You can disable Cortana completely on the Microsoft Launcher, or you can customize the experience to allow the assistant to help you only in certain tasks. Cortana’s integration with Microsoft Launcher works very similar to the dedicated app (which is no longer required to install), but it’s an overlay experience on top of the launcher. In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to configure the Cortana integration available with the Microsoft Launcher on your Android phone.

How to manage Cortana integration on Microsoft Launcher

To manage Cortana’s integration on Microsoft Launcher on your Android phone do the following. Once you completed the steps, if you turned off all the settings, Cortana will no longer be available on your Android phone.

Set Cortana as voice input on Search and To-Do card — Enables the assistant in the search widget and To-Do cards. Connected Services — Allows you to give Cortana access to other services like Office 365. Receive notifications — Cortana will surface notifications for reminders, traffic update, and more. Show Commitment dynamic card — Allows the assistant to scan and surface dynamic cards to remind of previous commitments you made.

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