PowerToys is an application that includes a set of utilities to improve the Windows experience. The app is aimed at advanced users, but anyone can use it. For instance, the app includes a window manager to make it easier to create different layouts. It also includes an image resizer, bulk file rename tool, keyboard manager to remap keys, and color picker, and with the release of version 0.62.0, you’ll find a tool that uses OCR technology to extract text from any image format. This guide will teach you the steps to extract text from any image on Windows 11.

Extract text from images on Windows 11

Once you have PowerToys installed and the “Text Extractor” feature enabled, extracting texting from an image is straightforward. Here’s how: The feature isn’t perfect. You can select multiple lines, but if the text extraction isn’t working correctly, try one line at a time. Also, make sure to select the text correctly without cutting off the letters at the top or bottom.

Install PowerToys

The easiest way to install PowerToys on Windows 11 is using Command Prompt using these steps: Once you complete the steps, you can proceed to enable the feature (if it’s not already enabled.)

Enable Text Extractor

To enable the option to extract text from images on Windows 11, use these steps: After you complete the steps, you can use the keyboard shortcut to activate the feature and extract text from the image.

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