Although, the Microsoft Store makes sense from the standpoint of security, usability, and discoverability, it’s not always reliable, as many users are constantly reporting issues downloading and updating apps, crashes, and perhaps the biggest problem of them all, a Store not opening. Alongside the ability to fix errors, downloads, and other problems using PowerShell to uninstall and reinstall the Store, you can also resolve most common issues using the reset option in the Settings app.  In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to quickly reset the Microsoft Store app to fix most common problems on Windows 10.

How to reset Microsoft Store app on Windows 10

To reset the Microsoft Store app to fix problems, use these steps: Once you’ve completed the steps, try to open the app, and it should now launch normally. However, you may have to re-configure those specific settings that may have been reset, and you’ll also need to re-queue those apps that previously weren’t downloading. Microsoft Store app Advanced options

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