If the following solutions don’t fix your Surface RT or Surface Pro wireless connection problems, you may want to check the previous guide I wrote on Windows 8.1 limited connectivity.

Solution 1#: Restart Surface wireless adapter

How this solution fixes the connectivity problem? After an update or for unknown reasons the Wi-Fi adapter may stop operating correctly and re-enabling it could solve the problem. Also, it could be the case where the wireless adapter got disabled by other means, again enabling it could solve the problem. Also, it could help turn Airplane mode On and Off. To do this simply bring up Charms by swiping from the right edge, tap on Network, and toggle the Airplane mode On for 60 seconds and then turn it Off again.

Solution #2: Disable Selective Suspend

Why will this solution fix the limited connectivity issue? Selective Suspend is saving power feature in Windows that basically reduces the power of a particular device. Turning this option off will allow the device to operate at full power all the time (remember that this solution will drain your battery faster). In this case the problem might be that drivers can’t properly contact the Wi-Fi adapter, because the selective suspend settings. Disabling the setting can restore proper connectivity, therefore fixing the connectivity problem.

Solution #3: Re-install the wireless adapter drivers

Before doing anything download drivers for your Surface Pro (Surface RT uses the same wireless adapter than the Pro model). After downloading the driver package remember to unzip the files.

Solution #4: Restart everything

Sometimes the simple solutions are the ones that work best. Shut down your Surface and unplug the power cable from your wireless router. Wait about 60 seconds. Plug the router back again. Wait until about 2 mins. Start your Surface and try connect to your network.

Solution #5: Run the troubleshooters

Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1 have a network troubleshooter and network adapter troubleshooter. They both can help you to fixe the Limited access or Limited Connectivity issue.

Using the network troubleshooter

Using the network adapter troubleshooter

After following the wizard, try to connect once again to your Wi-Fi network.

Solution #6: Windows Update

Surface devices are suppose to have Windows updates install automatically, but it could be the case that didn’t happen or you still need to restart the device for the update to take place. To install the latest updates from Microsoft follow these steps: Once again, see if you can connect to your network wirelessly.

Solution #7: Disable MAC filtering

Highly unlikely, but it could be the case your router is filtering the MAC address of your Surface RT or Surface Pro device, therefore preventing you from connecting to the internet. To resolve this issue, find the manual of your router and look for the instructions to disable MAC filtering in the router. Also it could be the case your tablet isn’t seeing the wireless network. So make sure your router is broadcasting its network ID (SSID). Steps will vary from router to router, consult your user manual to change this setting. Did any of these solution fixed your problem? Tell us your results in the comments below. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.