The latest update finally brings Cortana to the console (start getting used to say “Hey Cortana” to your console, instead “Xbox”), as well as a number of other features, including a revamped game collection, new improvements on social media, and the Xbox Store finally begins to unify with the Windows Store. Now you’re probably asking yourself, how do I get the New Xbox One Experience (NXBOE) on my console? Similar to what Microsoft has done with previous updates, the company will begin rolling out the new preview to member who opt-in to try the new experience. However, the company will begin inviting those members who have been summiting the most feedback. This means that Microsoft will begin updating Xbox One consoles on a small select group of people first, then over time the update will expand to other Xbox One Preview participants.

How the Xbox One preview enrollment works

If you’re one of the few people the software giant has picked, you’ll get an invitation message on your Xbox Live with the details on how to install the Xbox One Anniversary Update preview. However, keep in mind that the new preview won’t install until you specifically opt-it to receive it by selecting “Preview – New Xbox One Experience” using the Xbox Preview Dashboard app. If you’re not part of the original Xbox One Preview program, which it’s still an invitation only program, you won’t be able to get an opt-in invite for NXBOE. If you’re yet not a member, you’ll have to track down someone who does and ask them for an invitation. Once you’re an Xbox One Preview member, you’ll need to manually opt-in to the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Xbox One. 

How to opt-in to the New Xbox One Experience 

Even though, you won’t be getting the new Xbox One preview update right away, it’s an important step to get in line and eventually get Cortana and all the other new features and changes. During the enrollment, you’ll also notice that your console status will show as EnrollChangePending. Once the console shows the status Enrolled, only then you’ll get the current Xbox One Preview, and on a later date, you will eventually receive the Windows 10 Anniversary Update preview for Xbox One. Later on, you’ll recieve an invitation from Microsoft letting you know that your console is ready to test the new preview. If you decide to participate to try the New Xbox One Experience, consider that Microsoft isn’t letting everyone test the new experience, as the operating system still under development and certain features may not work, you may experience crashes and bugs, and other unexpected errors.

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