If you’re a proud owner of a Windows 10 Mobile handset, it will eventually come the time when the phone will stop working properly. For example, recently I received the Lumia Home Trial Kit to take part in the Lumia Home Trial Campaign (#LumiaVoicesTrial), and after setting up the Lumia 950 handset the Start screen wasn’t working and I couldn’t get access to any setting — I just received a black screen –. I had access to the Start button, but it wasn’t working either. I turned the phone off and on again a number of times and I waited to see any change, but nothing happened. At this point with no access to the Settings app to use the “Reset your phone” option on the System page or to the Start screen. My only solution was to try a hard reset the Lumia 950 to its original factory default settings and try setting it again — process that eventually fixed the problem. If you come across any issues with your Windows phone hard resetting is an option that can save you a lot of time and hassles. However, remember that this process will erase everything in your phone, including personal files, contacts, settings, apps, etc., and it will restore your phone to its original factory settings. Hard resetting your Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL is an easy process, just make sure you took all the precautions to backup your data before proceeding.

Hard reset a Lumia handset

While this is another way you can refresh your smartphone or get it ready to securely sell it without giving away your personal information, you should use this method as your last solution. You can always open the Settings app > System > About and click the “Reset your phone” button to accomplish the same process.

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