To import or migrate your Delicious Bookmarks to Google Bookmarks service, you just simple need to visit the Delicious to Google Bookmarks importer page or log-in to your Google Bookmarks account and click the link Import Delicious Bookmarks, enter your credential. This can be done in two ways by entering your Delicious login credentials or by using the one-click OAuth with your Yahoo! ID.

Next, once you have entered your login credentials, you may have to agree the terms, and then you will be presented with all the Delicious Bookmarks that you can import, by default all the Bookmarks are selected. From here you can just simply click the Import button to import all the Bookmarks to your Google Bookmarks account or you can click None and select only the links that you want to. The nice thing about this Google Bookmarks Importer is that it preserves most, if not all of the settings from your Delicious Bookmarks like Link name, obviously the URL, and the bookmark tags.

And that is it, pretty easy, right?

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