In this article today, we are going to highlight Windows Live Mail 2011 core features and learn how to install & where to go if you need to change settings.

Windows Live Mail 2011 core features:

Easy to organize multiple email accounts and emails. Group conversations from the same subject. Send tons of high quality pictures easily and fast, because of the integration with SkyDrive. Search is built-in right in your inbox, which makes easier to find messages. Add events to the calendar right from your inbox. Add and manage contacts. RSS feeds capabilities. Centralize all your emails into one inbox timeline with Quick View.


How to install Windows Live Mail 2011

This installation is pretty simple, most of the steps are just your usual next, next, next.

The first time you run the program it is going to ask you to enter your email account information, after adding it, choose whether or not to remember your password, and click Next. If you don’t have an email account you can just click Get a Windows Live email address link to create one.

  1.  In the next question just click Yes and then Finish. Note: If you need to add multiple email accounts click on Add another email account instead of Finish to repeat the process.


Configuring Windows Live Mail 2011 options:

With the default options that are set in Windows Live Mail 2011 should be more than alright for your everyday work, but if you think that you need to tweak some of the settings, go to menu, select Options, and click on Mail.

There you’ll find most of the settings that you can customize:

Customization for Send/Receive Messages. Make Windows Live Mail 2011 your default email program. Read, Receipts, Send, Compose, Signatures, Connection, and Advanced options. Spelling settings, custom dictionary, and configure languages And many other settings.


To wrap-up, Windows Live Mail 2011 is a great piece of free software, that it does not lack of functionality in comparison with other free email client software and it is a good competitor with paid products in the same category. If you are also into emails, this is a software that you should check it out, and besides all its great features, you will notice a really clean and slick user interface with pretty cool animations when emails arrive and when you delete them.

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