Windows Live Mesh 2011 is a free application, part of Windows Live Essentials suite from Microsoft, that allows you to sync files in the cloud — using SkyDrive storage — and between computers whether it is a PC or a Mac. The files that are synced are saved on the computer, so you can still access them even if you’re not connected to the internet, you can sync program settings (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office), and additionally you can remote connect to your computer to work, browse files, run programs, etc.

How to install Windows Live Mesh 2011

  1. Go to Windows Live Mesh 2011 page, click Download now and Run.
  2. Windows Live Essentials 2011 installation starts and click on Choose the programs you want to install.
  3. Uncheck all products and only leave selected Windows Live Mesh and click Install. Now sit and relax until the installation is completed and then click Close.
  4. Next, you need a Windows Live ID or a Windows Live Hotmail account, if you don’t have one, get it now, it is free! Once you have an account, start Windows Live Mesh from the start menu, enter your credentials and click Sign in.

How to sync a folder between computers

  1. Launch and sign in to Windows Live Mesh.

  2. Under the Folders section, click Sync a folder. Browse the folder that you want to sync from your computer to Windows Live Mesh and other computers, and click Sync.

  3. Select between devices you’d like to sync the folder. If you have only one computer just select the SkyDrive synced storage and click OK.

To remove a synced folder, select the folder, click Select devices, uncheck all the places where the folder was synced and click OK. You can also sync program settings, like your favorites from Internet Explorer and settings from Microsoft Office to Windows Live Mesh and between computers. It’s really easy, under Program settings, click for Internet Explorer: Turn on syncing for your favorites, and for Microsoft Office: Turn on syncing for your styles, templates, custom dictionary, and email signatures.

Things to keep in mind

If you are using SkyDrive to store the synced folders, the amount of storage available to you is 25GB, but you can only use 5GB for sync purposes. You have the ability to sync up to 200 folders containing up to 100,000 files each. Each file can’t be larger of 40GB when synchronizing between computers. You cannot use mapped network drives with Mesh. But you can sync folders from external hard drives. Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.5 or later are the operating system supported by Mesh.

How to remote access my computer with Windows Live Mesh

With Windows Live Mesh you do not only have the ability to keep important file synchronized on the web and with other computers, but you also have the ability to remote access your computer via the web from almost anywhere. You can enable this feature by going to Remote and click Allow remote connections to this computer. The application will take care of the rest. If you have any questions regarding remote connection, follow the What happens when I allow them? link.

To disable the feature go back to Remote and click Block remote connections.

Testing remote connection:

  1. Go to another computer, launch Windows Live Mesh and click Go to Windows Live Devices, or if the other computer does not have Mesh installed, login to your Windows Live account, hover the Windows Live logo and choose Devices.

  2. On Devices you can add and view the computers, phones, synced folders that you have access to. Look for your computer and click Connect to this computer.


To wrap up, over all the installation of Windows Live Mesh 2011 was pretty easy and fast, the interface is not clutter and not difficult to learn. For being free, the features and options are really useful. 5GB of storage for synced storage might be enough for some people, but it would be great if you have the control over how much space you can use out of the SkyDrive, which is a total of 25GB or a greater cap. You might opt for a paid service that can give you more storage and some other features, but for what Windows Live Mesh can do: sync and share files in the cloud and between computers (PC and Mac), sync program settings, and also access your computer remotely from almost anywhere through a web browser, with no router or firewall configuration needed, you sure have to give it a try.

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