However, users should be aware that like any beta software, the second build of Windows 10 Mobile has a number of bugs and lot features don’t work. As such, if you are OK taking the risk and you like to troubleshoot issues, then you are a perfect candidate to install the new preview for phones.

How to install new Windows 10 Mobile previews

Keep in mind that pre-release versions of the operating system are not intended to be used on your primary device, as there are always chances of bugs, errors, and features not working correctly. To keep yourself up to date on how new preview are progressing and if you should install the latest build, check out our Windows 10 Mobile coverage.

Now depending on your device, this process may take some time. It can take 10 minutes to 2 hours, so don’t worry if things begin to take a long time. After the bits have downloaded successfully, you’ll be prompted to click Install to get the new build installed in your Windows Phone. Then the next time your phone boots up, it should be running the latest version of Windows 10.

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