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Process to install Windows 7

Now diving into the Windows 7 installation process, the safest way is by starting a clean installation using the Windows 7 DVD or a USB bootable drive.

  1.  To begin insert the Windows 7 installation media in your computer and restart. When the your computer is booting up you’ll be asked to press any key to continue, do so to start the installation wizard. Choose your settings in the first screen, click Next and Install now.

  2.  Choose the operating system version if you are asked to, click Next; then accept the license terms and click Next.

  3.  Answer the question: Which type of installation do you want? Because you used an external media to start the process the upgrade option will look like is available, but it is not, if you try to select it, you’ll get an error. Click the Custom (advanced) to continue with the process.

  4.  Choosing location: select the hard drive where to install Windows 7, just click Next. For this Windows How-To, I am using a new hard drive without a partition on it and I am going to be using all the unallocated space available.

The setup will start the process of installing Windows by copying, expanding, adding features, updates (if available), and finally completing the installation — This could take a while, for now just sit and relax. Oh! Windows may restart during the installation many times, when this happens do not press any key if you see the message “Press any key to continue”, leave Windows alone and let it continue with the installation process.

  1.  Choose a username for your account and a computer name — Note that the user account that you are creating a this moment is the first one in your system, which also means that it is member of the Administrators group (Full access account) –. Once done entering the information required, click Next.

  2.  Set a password for your user account in Windows 7. You can skip the creation of a password, but it is strongly recommended to have one. Also don’t forget to choose a password hint, this is something that can be a word or a phrase that will help you to remember your account password if you happen to forget, but it should be something difficult for other people to figure out — do not type your actual password here!

  3.  Next, type your product key: You can enter the product key (serial number) that was included with the purchased of this copy, or you can skip it this portion of the setup, but remember that you only have 30 days to supply the product key. One thing to keep in mind, if you do the mistake and install a version of Windows that do not correspond to the product key, you’ll have to start the installation process from scratch once again, so pay attention.

  4.  Select Automatic Update settings for Windows 7: If you are a regular user this first options is the one you want to choose.

  5.  Review your time and date settings: choose the time zone for your region. Note that when changing the Time Zone the time will not correct itself, check and modify the correct Date and Time, then click Next.

  6.  Set up your network: if this a clean installation of Windows 7 in a laptop that has a wireless network adapter enabled, you might be asked to enter a security pass-phrase to connect to the network and/or internet. Now the network location settings will determine the network security: sharing and firewall settings: Choose Home Network or Work Network if you are using the computer in one of these places, or click Public Network if your computer is directly connected to the cable or DSL modem with no router or gateway in between, or if you are connected to the internet using a dial-up modem.  In the case you have chosen the option Home Network, the following dialog box will let you create or join a homegroup, but this is something that we’ll talk in a later Windows How-to.

Now your computer has a clean installation of Windows 7, login for the first time and you are done!

If you made it up to here, going through the three-part tutorial on the Windows pre installation process, you may realize that the actual process of installing Windows 7 it is not too difficult, the what to do before start is what take some time, but it makes sure that the process goes smooth and it pays off at the end, because it is likely that you won’t run into a lot of problems. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.