This guide will teach you the steps to add a printer to Windows 11 device wirelessly.

Connect wireless printer on Windows 11

Before the wireless printer can connect to Windows 11, it must be connected to the WiFi network. The steps will be different depending on the printer, but typically, printers can detect and configure these settings automatically once the printer server feature is enabled on the device.

1. Connect printer to WiFi network

For example, on a wireless HP printer, you can connect it to the network using these steps: You don’t even need to go through the setup if you have a printer connected using a wired (Ethernet) connection. You only need to know the printer’s IP address, which you can get going to Setup > Network Setup > Ethernet Settings and using the View Ethernet Details. You can always check with your printer manufacturer’s support website to get more accurate instructions for your printer.

2. Install printer on Windows 11 wirelessly

To add a network printer wirelessly on Windows 11, use these steps: Once you complete the steps, Windows 11 will automatically set up the wireless printer.

3. Install printer on Windows 11 with IP address

If Windows 11 can’t find the wireless printer, you can add the device using an IP address using these steps: After you complete the steps, you can start printing from your laptop or desktop computer.

4. Remove wireless printer on Windows 11

To remove a wireless printer on Windows 11, use these steps: Once you complete the steps, the printer driver will be removed, and the device will no longer be listed on Windows 11.

Installing a printer using the Settings app will only install the basic driver to allow printing. You will have to install the manufacturer’s software if you want to use the additional printing functionalities. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.