To help those people, today in this article, we’re going to learn two ways that make easier the installation of WordPress in your Windows computer or server. The first installation is going to be performed with Web Platform Installer (WEB PI), which is a free tool that makes easier the installation of the Microsoft Web Platform software, and the second installation will be using WebMatrix, which is another free tool, but this one is a Web Development tool to create websites. To learn more about WebMatrix check out this earlier published article. Installing WordPress with WEB Platform Installer (WEB PI)

  1. Go to WEB PI download page, click the Download It Now button and then click the Run button.

  2.  When WEB PI installation is completed browse through Web Applications and select WordPress.

  3. Click Install, review all the components that will be installed in your system and accept the license.   4. Create and confirm a password for the Administrator user name: root — this is for your new MySQL installation — and click the Continue button.

  5. The download and installation process will begin… Now, there are 2 steps in where you need to enter some of your new site information. a- In step 1 enter the name of the application in the ‘WordPress’ application name text box and click the Continue button.

  b- In step 2 enter the application and MySQL database information. The password for the Database Administrator user name root is the same as in step #4, fill all the informationand click the Continue button. Now all the components to install WordPress will be installed.

  6. Congratulation WordPress is ready, after you can review all the components that were successfully installed, click the Launch WordPress to finalize the installation.

  7. Next your web browser is going to open the final WordPress installation process. In the welcome page fill out the information requested and click Install WordPress.

  8. Installation completed! Click Log In, enter you WordPress credentials and click Log In.


Installing WordPress with WebMatrix

  1. Launch WebMatrix and the start-up screen will open, select Site From Web Gallery and choose WordPress from the gallery. Don’t forget to change the name of the site in Site Name and then click Next. Note: If you don’t have it installed and you want to try to install WordPress with WebMatrix, you can watch the video tutorial that covers how to install WebMatrix, how to install WordPress with WebMatrix and how to update WordPress to the latest version.

  2. Choose what type of database would like to use and click Next.

  3. Now, WebMatrix detects that during the installation MySQL is going to install as well, and in order to complete the installation you need to provide a password for the root account, type one, confirm and click Next.

  4. Review the components that will to be installed and accept the license by clicking the I Accept button. WebMatrix is going to download and complete the installation.

  5.  After WebMatrix finishes downloading and installing all the components, you are going to need to enter the application parameters. For Database Administrator: root use the password that you typed in step #3 and if you wish you can also use the same password for Database Password. Remember to enter the Unique Key For Passwords. Click Next to continue.

  6. Next, WordPress will be installed and click OK. WebMatrix is going to start WordPress. And most difficult part is now over!

  Tip: If you have any trouble installing the application, it is a good idea to start troubleshooting by viewing the installer log.

  7. To finish the WordPress installation in WebMatrix click the URL: http://localhost:****.

  Fill out the information needed in the WordPress welcome screen and click Install WordPress.

  8. Grab your username and password and click Log In.   9. Last step is to log in. Now you are done!


Happy WordPress blogging!

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