Even though, these default settings are preferable, there will be users uncomfortable with them for privacy concerns or other reasons, so here is how to change the default preferences on Windows 8.1. First, you need to get to the new Search settings page, use the  +I keyboard shortcut, click or tap Change PC settings, and navigate to Search & apps. Here you’ll find several interesting options you can customize, such as:

Search history

The first option you’ll notice is Search history, and like in Windows 8, to clear any search terms stored in the PC, you only need to click Clear button (see the image below).

Use Bing to search online

By default getting results from Bing is enabled over regular internet access and metered connections. For those who feel uncomfortable sending search queries online or limiting internet connectivity is a must, these two options can be disabled here.

Your search experience

In an effort to bring the best results possible, Microsoft by default uses your physical location, search history, and Microsoft account information. So if you want to change this particular setting, you can choose to stop Bing from using your location when doing a search in Windows 8.1, or you can also choose to not personalize the search experience at all.


Finally we have search filters. In Windows 8.1 the prefered Bing search option is moderate, which filters inappropriate images and videos. You can change this option to not filter anything or if you have children around, there is also the Strict option to filter inappropriate images, videos, and text.

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