As you can see there are a number of benefits setting up your computer with a Microsoft account, but there is one caveat, Windows 10 displays your real name and email address in the Lock screen by default. Even though, the approach of displaying your information makes your computer more personal, it’s also a privacy concern for many users, as anyone on any place can easily figure out your name and email address. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t provide any options in the Settings app to stop showing your real name or email address on Lock screen. But, if you really care about your privacy and you want to hide this information from the login screen, you can use a very easy workaround to accomplish the task. Follow the steps below to remove your email address from the Lock screen in Windows 10:

How to remove name and email from Lock screen using Group Policy

How to remove name and email from Lock screen using the Registry

For Windows 10 Home users the process is a little different, as this version of the operating system doesn’t include support for Group Policy. If you are running Windows 10 Home, you will need to change the same setting but using the registry.

Now, when you reboot your computer, your user information, including your email address will no longer be displayed in the Lock screen. This means that you will have to manually type your email address and password to sign into Windows 10 and unlocking your PC.

If you have other user accounts, those people will also have to manually enter their credentials, as none of the user information will be displayed on the Lock screen. Would you like Microsoft to add different options for users decide whether to display email address and name from the Lock screen? Would you like to be able to display only a username as we’re used to see in previous versions? Let us know in the comments below. Update, July 8, 2016: On the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the operating system hides the email address on the Lock screen with a new “Show account details (e.g., email address) on sign-in screen” option located on Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and under Privacy.

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