Although without a password, you typically cannot sign in to your Windows 11 account. A workaround on virtually every version of Windows allows you to regain control of the computer and reset the password to re-access your account. Use these steps to reset your password or use a Microsoft account if you have configured the security questions. Also, this method works on Windows 11 with a local account on installations without encryption. If you use any type of encryption (such as BitLocker), you will need the original password to access the account. Otherwise, you may lose your data. This guide will teach you the steps to reset a forgotten password and recover your account on Windows 11. 

Reset account password without logging in on Windows 11

To bypass the sign-in screen to reset your Windows 11 local account password, use these steps: Once you complete the steps, you will again be able to access your Windows 11 account.

In the command, we use C: because it’s usually the drive letter to access the hard drive after booting the device with USB, but you may need to play around to find the correct drive letter. You can confirm the location using the dir command. If the result shows the “Programs Files” and “Windows” folders, you’re in the correct location.


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