Let me begin by saying that Facebook is rolling out the video calling feature in the next few weeks for everybody, so you may still don’t see the Call button just yet, but early adopters can visit this page and click the Get started button to access the new video calling feature. Now, to set up Facebook video chat is not completed at all, log in to your account, in the chat bar or in your friend’s profile locate the Call button as shown in the picture below and click it.   Because this is the first time you are trying to make a call, the set up video calling wizard is going to start. Now just click the Set Up button.

This will trigger the download for the  FacebookVideoCallSetup.exe file; save it and double-click it to install the plugin. This is pretty much what you have to do, the Facebook Video Call Plug-In Installer will now download and install all the components that are necessary to start video chat, and after the process is finished, video calling will complete the call you have started before.

And for those of you that are looking to disable Facebook video chat, you should know that the feature doesn’t work if you don’t have installed the required plugin, so to “disable” the feature you can just uninstall the plugin. To uninstall Facebook video chat in Windows 7 do the following:

  1.  First go to Start , in the search box type Add or remove programs and press Enter.

  2.  Now look for the application name Facebook Video Calling, select it and click the Uninstall button.

  3.  Next click Yes, wait for the uninstaller to run and do its thing and after several seconds the plugin will be uninstall from your system.

And now you are done!

Other basic things about video calling:

Multiple video chatting is not supported, only one-to-one. You can be chatting while doing a video call. You cannot receive a video call if you are not logged in, but your friends can leave you a voice message that you can listen later. The Facebook video chat feature is independent to the Skype software, so you can be using both at the same time. You shouldn’t need a special webcam to use this service, the one you already have should be OK. The same applies for headset. To end a video call just close the video window. You can use Facebook video chat without a webcam, you will be able to see and hear your friend, but your friend will only be able to hear you. If you have a webcam connected to your computer, you cannot use voice only, the webcam is always enabled and it cannot be disabled, unless you disconnect it.  If you want to learn more about Facebook video chat visit this page.

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