In order to resolve the space issue, all Xbox One consoles include support for external storage. So, you can simply connect a compatible USB external drive (e.g., Seagate Game Drive (2TB)) to start moving games to the new storage. Alternatively, you can also get Xbox One S bundles with 1TB of storage to overcome the space limitation. However, what happens if you have an older console with a smaller hard drive and you don’t have an external drive? Even after a while the 1TB model of Xbox One X or Xbox One S will eventually fill up. Probably you didn’t know, but Xbox One allows you to uninstall unused games to make more room. I know also that you might be thinking that if you uninstall a game you will lose it forever, but that’s the best thing, removing a game doesn’t remove your rights to the game. You can always install a game back. In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to uninstall games from your library to free up space on your Xbox One S or Xbox One X console.

How to uninstall Xbox One games

Then if you ever want to install that game again, on My games & apps, go to the Ready to install section, select the game, press A, and click Install. Uninstall Xbox One game Uninstall all components of an Xbox One game Of course, you only want to uninstall those games you have already played, and you’re ready to move on, as installing will take some time depending on your network connection. Perhaps the takeaway from this guide is that uninstalling a game doesn’t remove it completely, you will still retain ownership over the game.

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