HP Envy 13 and 17

On 2018, HP is introducing a new Envy 13 and Envy 17 laptops. These devices are simple, but with a sleek design, particular the Envy 13 that features an all-metal design. This time around, the company shrunk the top screen bezel by 31 percent without sacrificing the camera placement. Inside these devices, you can expect Intel 8th Generation processors, Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics (but optional in the 13-inch model), and the choice of 1080p or 4K displays. The Envy 13 and 17 will start at $999.99 and $1,049.99 respectively, and they’ll be available in May 2018.

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HP Envy x360 13 and 15

In the convertible front, HP is refreshing its Envy x360 devices. The new Envy x360 13 convertible is a 13-inch device featuring AMD Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 processor with Radeon Vega graphics. On the other hand, the new Envy x360 15 which is a 15.6-inch device offers the option of an Intel 8th Generation or AMD Ryzen processor with, GeForce MX150 or Radeon Vega graphics. In addition, you also have the choice of a 1080p or 4K resolution display with Sure View technology for privacy. The Envy the x360 13 and 15 models will sell for $759.99 and $749.99 respectively. And if you want the Intel processor of the 15-inch model, you’re looking to spend $869.99.

HP Envy Curved AiO 27, 34, and Desktop

As part of the Envy lineup for 2018, HP is also introducing new all-in-ones and desktops computers. The new Envy AiO 27 and the 34-inch models, both feature a new design that makes it look as if the display was floating. They sport Intel’s 8th Generation processors, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics with 4GB for memory. The HP Envy Desktop is a traditional tower computer, but very stylish with diamond-cut corners and brush metal details. The tower comes with Intel’s 8th Generation processors, and up to Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics with 8GB of memory. The Envy AiO 27 starts at $1,399.99, HP is expected to announce the pricing for the 34-inch model later in the year. The Envy Desktop will be available in May 2018, and it go for $799.99.

HP EliteBook 1050

The new EliteBook 1050 is a slim 15.6-inch 4.5 pounds laptop that sports a powerful Intel six-core processor with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics, and the option of a 1080p or 4K resolution display. In addition, the new EliteBook supports up to 4TB of Solid-State Drive (SSD). The EliteBook 1050 will be available in May 2018, and it start at $1899.

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HP EliteBook x360 1030

The EliteBook x360 1030 is the smallest convertible for business users with a 13.3-inch 4K resolution display. The device includes Intel U-series quad-core processor offering up to 18 hours of battery life with option for 4G Cat9 LTE connectivity at only 2.7 pounds. In addition, the 1030 also includes Sure View technology for privacy. The EliteBook x360 1030 is expected to release in June, and it’ll be available starting at $1499.

HP EliteOne 1000 AiO

The EliteOne 1000 is an All-in-One computer designed for collaboration and video conferencing. It comes with a 23.8-inch or 34-inch curved display, Intel 8th Generation hexa-core processors and with integrated or discrete AMD Radeon RX 560 graphics with 4GB of memory. The EliteOne 1000 AiO is also expected to arrive in June, and it’ll start at $1449.

HP Elite X2 1013

If you’re looking for a Surface Pro alternative, the Elite X2 1013 is the device you want. In this refresh, the 13-inch device includes an Intel 8th Generation processor, 39 percent thinner bezels, and option for 4G Cat9 LTE connectivity, making it an Always Connected PC for business. Similar to other devices, the Elite X2 also sports Sure View technology for privacy. Finally, the Elite X2 comes with a rechargeable pen, so you no longer have to worry about changing its battery. The Elite X2 1013 is releasing in June, and pricing is expected to start at $1499. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.