The Internet Explorer team has reached another milestone with the release of IE10 platform preview 3 — the first touch browser experience — that is included in the Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO image release. Developers can now work more with HTML5 to build touch and interactive Web apps. The latest release of Windows 8 come with one HTML5 engine that is responsible for 2 browsing experiences: the Internet Explorer 10 on the desktop and the new Metro Style browser (i.e., Start Screen).  In this new version of IE you’ll see a lot of improvements and changes, more in the touch and Metro Style area. Now when you open the browser you’ll get a full screen, edge-to-edge view of your websites. Also tab at the top of the screen you will notice that has been redesigned and enhanced for touch, as well as the command-bar with the navigation buttons were redesigned and relocated to the bottom of the screen. IE10 will ship — finally — with native support for spell check, which provides highlighting of misspelling, suggestions, add to dictionary, and IE10 is the first web browser to support  auto correct for misspellings.  Also this new build of IE10 come with a lot of enhancement for CSS3, such as text-shadow, CSS 3D transforms. And another area of HTML5 where Microsoft has added support is app cache, which is a technology that enables you to navigates web pages even if you are offline.  In this video, Ari Bixhom from the IE team will walk you through the Internet Explorer 10 new features.

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