According to a new post from Paul Thurrot, long time Microsoft watcher, the latest build is 9841. However, it’s not one hundred percent accurate if this is the exact Technical Preview for the public.

The latest Windows 9 build doesn’t look much different from the build 9834 recently leaked. Like previously shown the new Start menu works in the same way like it did in Windows 7, but it borrows features from the Start screen in Windows 8. Users can pin pretty much anything they want: desktop and modern apps, folders, and contacts. All pins will appear on the right side of the menu as a tile. Users can resize and move tiles around and resize the Start menu too.

There is also a new Windows Insider Program that users will use to send feedback to Microsoft in a really simple way. The operating system will even show toaster notifications when doing certain tasks to provide a feedback.

Because Microsoft isn’t drastically changing the core of Windows, Metro-styles apps that work in Windows 8.1 will work in Windows 9 without any problems. The Charms bar is now moved to the left side of the app’s title bar under the App Commands menu. This feature has changed from build 9834. In Windows 9 build 9841 as I shared before also includes virtual desktops feature, but now is a little clearer how users will access the feature. To access the new custom desktops users will have to invoke the Task view with a button that appears in the taskbar. While in Task view users can now easily create new virtual desktops to group applications and tasks. From the Task view users can also put apps into snapped views, just by dragging the app thumbnail for the preview to either side of the screen. The File Explorer shows a bit more improvements in the Windows Technical Preview build 9841. Now there is a new Home location in the left pane at the very top. Home replaces “This PC” as the default location, though it’s yet unclear if Home replaces “File Explorer”. In the new default location users will find Favorites pinned locations, Frequent folders, and Recent files. If the user needs to browse a drive or network location, they will have to navigate to This PC or Network.

Also in the Share tab there is a new Share button to share items using Modern apps, just like in Windows Phone.

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