These new features are mouse and keyboard shortcuts related, for example, now when you are checking your emails and right-click a message in your inbox a new menu will appear allowing you to Reply, Reply all, or Forward the message. When you work in front of a computer screen all day, every second counts, so this new menu gives you a way to get things done more quickly. Hotmail already support many keyboard shortcuts that you can also find in Outlook, but now also the Hotmail team wants to make a little bit easier for people switching from other email services, such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail to Hotmail by making available some of the most popular keyboard shortcuts that you’ll use in those email services. But because some of the Hotmail keyboard shortcuts may interfere with different actions using Yahoo! Mail or Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you’ll have to switch between the keyboard shortcuts mode. This is a pretty easy thing to do, just go to the keyboard shortcuts options page and choose the mode you need — Tip: From this option section you can also turn off or turn on your Hotmail keyboard shortcuts –.

In this list are the new added Yahoo! Mail and Gmail shortcuts in Hotmail Here is the already available Hotmail keyboard shortcuts Other updates in Hotmail includes:

Personalization: Set default font and personal signature. Back button behavior fix and how attachments are saved in your draft message. You can now recover accidentally deleted messages with a new link in the Deleted folder. Super fast inbox with the use of the new HTML5 standards.

Watch this video that will give you an overview of these new features:

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