This is going to be a two parts article. In Part 1 I am going to explain step-by-step how to perform the installation in Windows 7, and in Part 2 I am going to show you the options that you can configure, and I am also going to highlight and detail the top features of Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011. Alright now, let’s dive into the installation process!

  1.  To begin you need to download the Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011, then double-click installer file to start the installation wizard. Note that this installation also requires Windows Movie Maker to be installed, but do not worry that the installer will take care of it.

  2.  Once the wizard has started, click on Choose the programs you want to install.

  3.  Next, deselect all the Windows Live Essentials 2011 products that you don’t want to install, but leave Photo Gallery and Movie Maker selected, and click the Install button.

  4.  Here is where you wait… Until the installer finalizes the installation, then restart Windows if you are asked to. And you are done! That was easy, right?

Now that the installation is done, you are ready to look at how to configure Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 and learn more about its top features. Continue to Part 2… Useful Links

Download Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 Download additional plug-ins

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