As you know by now, Google is trying to push one more time and get into the social world, this time, with the new Google+, that most people seems to love and is getting momentum every day. But as there are many people who love the service, there are other users that have tried it and don’t want to continue using Google+ anymore or they just don’t feel comfortable with the service. So if you want to get rid of your Google+ account, I am going to share a guide just to do that. Many users may be worried that if they delete their Google Plus account they may also delete other Google services, and it could happen, so to prevent you for doing that, this guide will explain in detail the safe steps to successfully delete only your Google+ account.

  1.  Log in to your Google+ account.

  2.  Navigate to Account settings,click  Account overview on the left, and in the Services section click the Delete profile and remove associated social features.

  3.  Select Delete Google+ content. Don’t forget to read carefully what you are about to delete. Alternately you can choose Delete your entire Google profile, but this option will also delete other Google services that you may want to keep.

 4.  Check the Required box, and to finish click the Remove selected services.

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