The Yoga Book is a super thin and light 2-in-1 device that features a full touch-enabled display on one side, and a touch-enabled panel on the other that serves as a keyboard and as a pad to take notes. Heck, you can even use a real pen and notepad to write on it. The Yoga Book has been in the works for around three years and it’s a true innovative device. However, the most unique feature that separates the Yoga Book from the rest is the touch sensitive panel. This panel can switch from a full qwerty keyboard with haptic feedback to a writing surface that uses Wacom technology and a special pen to transcribe your writing or drawing work to the device.

You can also write notes with a traditional notepad and ink inserted into the pen, and the tablet can even capture your writing when the screen is turned off.

The keyboard features autocorrect and word suggestions just like the virtual keyboard on your phone. The device can also adjust the size of the tap area based on your typing patterns. Unlike other tablets the keyboard doesn’t detach, instead you can flip it around, behind the screen, similar to other Lenovo Yoga laptops.

At first it may feel a little uncomfortable typing on the Yoga Book, but the company says that someone can get used to the keyboard within an hour. However, some users may take a little while before it feels natural.

Yoga Book tech specs

Aside from the touch sensitive panel, the rest of the tablet is pretty much like any other tablet in the market. Everything is packed within a very thin housing that is just 9.6mm thick when closed. There is a Windows 10 and an Android model, but they both share exactly the same tech specs and form factor. Lenovo also made some changes to Android to help the operating system take full advantage of the Yoga Book unique form factor to make users more productive. Lenovo’s Yoga Book is available starting October 17th. You can choose one of the three colors, including champagne gold, gunmetal gray, or carbon black. And you can pre-order it now with a starting price of $550 for the Windows 10 model, and $500 for the Android model. In the box, you also get the pen, which doesn’t need recharging. If you’re looking for a tablet that stands out from the crowd with innovating technology and beautiful design, then look no further than new Yoga Book.

Yoga Book with Windows 10 | See at Lenovo Yoga Book with Android | See at Lenovo

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