In San Francisco at the Lenovo Tech World 2016, the computer manufacturer announced a number of new devices. However, the most interesting part of the show happened off the stage, when the company showed a person wrapping a smartphone around his wrist, and transforming a tablet into a phone by folding it in half. These are just concepts, you probably won’t be able to buy one of these new foldable device for quite a while, due to their price and the technology still being developed. However, it opens your mind on what’s possible when you thought pretty much everything was invented.

The first device that Lenovo demonstrated was a longer than usual looking phone with very odd characteristics on the back, but there was a reasonable explanation as a foldable screen requires a foldable chassis too. According to Lenovo folding the display is not the issue, but rather, when it’s bent as the screen stretches slightly distorting the images.

The second device was a tablet, which was a more attractive prototype, because it only folds in half, and it can easily go from being a tablet to a phone by bending it through the middle. Even more interesting, the software running on the device was smart enough to understand if the device was being folded adapting the user interface.

Without a doubt these are pretty impressive concepts that give us a glimpse of what we could be seeing in the coming years. If you missed the Lenovo Tech World 2016 conference, you can watch the entire event here:

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