With Surface, the folks at Redmond took on a big challenge, because it was the first time the company was building a piece of hardware like this tablet. Also a tablet that was designed to set a baseline model for PC manufactures to create new high quality design devices and to compete directly with Apple’s iPad, which now is not an easy task. Not to mention that from day 1 the Surface needed to be super-secret project! To create such complex device the team went through many years of Microsoft research and until the final product was completed the company has designed several prototypes.  Tom Warren from The Verge had the chance to breathe next to some of the early concepts of “Georgetown” and “Georgetown X” (codename that Microsoft used for Surface RT and Surface Pro prototypes). Also he talked with Panos Panay, general manager for the Microsoft Surface team, about the process of how Surface was born and Panay also commented that the company is already working in the next generation of the tablet.

Testing sound quality of Surface with the hardware exposed. Keyboard concept with a plastic surface without physical keys. Panos Panay holding a 3D print model of a Surface. Final prototype of Surface with kickstand and Touch Cover. Panay demonstrates that even at the early stage, Surface had a strong magnetic cover. This is the initial concept of the tablet made of plastic. Part of Microsoft Surface Vapor MG casing. It is incredible to see how much preparation and years of experience go into a single product. For a generation 1 device, I think Surface is pretty darn well constructed with many great features, but it’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft is working on for the next version of Surface. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.