Although Google and Apple offer a similar feature to control screen time, the Microsoft approach is a little different, because using a Microsoft account, you can set limits no matter where the app or game is installed or the operating system in use. The new feature is available immediately, but you need to create a family group first, add people to the group, and then, you can start setting limits for your children. Using the “App and game limits” dashboard, you can view the apps that person is using. You can select the app or game and specify a limits for weekdays as well as for weekends. If you want to control app usage limits on an Android device, you’ll need to install the Microsoft Launcher first. When the time is running out for a particular app, the person will receive a reminder, and when the time is up, they won’t be able to continue using the app. Microsoft even included an option to send you a message to extend the time, which you can accept or decline.

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