In the latest update for the Microsoft Band 2, the software giant is adding support for controlling music apps on your phone, and not only you can control apps, such as Groove Music or Podcast app, but also third-party apps, including Spotify and similar apps that support the feature.

Microsoft Band 2 music playback controls

First and foremost, you need to make sure your Microsoft Band 2 is running the latest firmware update, otherwise you won’t be able to use the new features. You can easily check if you have the latest firmware version by opening the Microsoft Health app, this app has been designed to be used as a companion for the Microsoft Band and it will notify you in case there is an update available to download. Then open your favorite music app on phone, such as Mix Radio, Groove Music, or Spotify, and double-tap the power button on your Microsoft Band 2 to get the volume control. If you quickly double-tap the power button on your Microsoft Band 2, the music control will pop up, as well as the song title you are currently listening to. You can then skip to the next or previous song and you can pause your current playback. If you are wearing gloves, pausing and skipping songs with the touchscreen could be problematic, therefore Microsoft has also integrated the action button. If you press this button once while music controls are displayed songs will be paused or played, if you tap the button twice you can skip to the next song. Volume controls have been solved with some neat swipe actions. If you swipe to the right while music control is displayed you can lower the volume and by swiping to the left you can increase the volume.

Double-tap power button for music control Tap action button once for pause or play Tap action button twice for skip to next song Swipe right or left for volume control

Without music control the Microsoft Band 2 was lacking a very important feature which every wearable device should be capable of. Gladly Microsoft has now delivered this with the latest firmware update, feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on this, stay tuned.

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