Although, the setup is easy is somehow a straightforward process there are many settings you can adjust in your new Microsoft Band, such as changing the theme color and wallpaper and enable or disable notifications and haptic alerts. Some settings you can configure right from the tiny touchscreen, but other changes have to be made using the Microsoft Health app, which you can install on your Windows Phone, iPhone, or Android phone. The best way to get started with your band is by using the Microsoft Band getting started guide. Microsoft did a fantastic job compiling all the basics of what you need to know using the new wearable. Then if you visit the Microsoft Band website you can go to the support section to get more information on discovering the device and learning how to use it. Below I have compiled a list of links from the Microsoft support site to make easier for you to fully understand the product:

Hardware: In this section you’ll find everything you need to know about functions, sensors, connectivity, and changing. Tiles:  In tiles section you’ll learn what they are, how they work, and how to customize your Start Strip. Watch mode: As expected, even though the band isn’t a smartwatch, it does show the time by default. And in this section you’ll understand how to change time settings and turn Watch Mode on and off. Also you’ll learn how to set alarms and timers using the Alarms & Timers Tile. Phone app: This section explains how to install the Microsoft Health app on your phone, how to connect the phone and the Microsoft Band together, how the device collect data, and how you can use it, protect, sync, and delete it as needed. If you have some issues, in this section you can find troubleshooting instructions as well. Health and Exercise: This is where you’ll learn to track your exercise, you can find how to get guided workouts, how to use the GPS, track your calories burned, heart-rate and sleep, and a lot more. Email and Calendar: In this last section, you can learn how to use the Mail Tile and how to use notifications. The Calendar Tile will help you sync calendar content on your phone and remind you of important events.

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