Now there are two important configurations that you may want to check that are configured properly (if you want to be on top of different things happening around your digital life): notifications and haptic alerts. In the wearable you can have notifications even with haptic alerts for many things arriving to you, such as a text message or phone call. To make sure notifications will flow-through, Bluetooth must be turned on the Microsoft Band and on your phone. Unlike Airplane Mode has to be turned off.

Notifications settings

To check these settings on your Microsoft Band, tap the Settings Tile from the Start Strip, go to Bluetooth, and make sure the setting is On or Off. Then go back to the Settings Tile, navigate to Airplane Mode and make sure it is disable, if you want notifications to work. If you want to configure certain notifications to go through the band, you can easily go to the Microsoft Health app, Manage Tiles, and next to the name of the tile you don’t want notifications, tap Edit, and change the appropriate setting.

Haptic settings

You can also control the haptic (vibration) alerts when notifications arrive, you can enable or disable haptic and you can also set the intensity levels for the vibration. To do this, from the Start Strip, go to the Settings Tile, Tools, Haptic Alert Levels, and choose from one of the three levels (Low, Medium, or High) or you can choose to turn haptic Off. Another way to turn haptic notifications on or off is by going to the Settings Tile, and turning the Do Not Disturb setting On or Off. While enabling Do Not Disturb you won’t get haptic alerts, you’ll still receive vibrations for alarms and timers. During a workout, you’ll get a vibration indicating you’ve completed a timed event like a rest or when you’ve complete a workout. SEE ALSO: How to pair the Microsoft Band with your phone You can also use these settings to troubleshoot the Microsoft Band when notifications aren’t working as expected. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.