Here is the thing, while users can already use the free version of Office online with Google Chrome, what Microsoft is doing is just making it a bit easier for customers to get to the apps and creating new documents by adding Word Online, Excel Online (available soon), PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online to the Chrome App launcher. Changing gears, but while in the same topic, Microsoft is also announcing more changes coming to the free version of Office on the web browser:

Word Online is getting comments functionality in editing mode. Basically the new functionality will enable users to make comments and changes at the same time with multiple users editing the document. Excel Online is getting the ability to insert comments as well as the ability to edit and delete previous comments. Tell Me, feature that already exist in Word Online and helps users to find features and functions in the app, now is coming to Excel Online. Microsoft is also improving support for files containing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to allow users to open and edit spreadsheet with VBA without altering the file. PowerPoint Online is getting an update for slide layouts so they look like the final result. And “Tell Me” is also coming to PowerPoint Online. OneNote Online is getting print functionality, multi-column section or page navigation to maximize reading and editing space.

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