This week thousands of developers around the world will arrive in San Francisco to take part of the event, held Wednesday through Friday, which will focus on the Microsoft’s direction towards building apps for Windows 10. However, many won’t be able to attend the three-day event due to the limited number of tickets and for these reason Microsoft will be streaming the BUILD conference ( live all day (starting April 29 at 11:30AM New York, San Francisco: 8:30AM, and 4:30PM UK, ), all three days. For BUILD 2015, the software maker is also releasing the BUILD app for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Those attending the event, it’s a must have, as the app offers all the information you need on sessions, speakers, and you can also use the BUILD app to leave feedbacks to speakers. In addition, the app provides the map for the venue to help get around the place. Microsoft will also be making available all the sessions on-demand within 24 hours after they are presented, which you can also watch in the Build Windows web page. Although, the Microsoft’s BUILD conference is focus on developers, it’s a great opportunity for everyone interested in technology to learn more about what the company is working on. Among many other things, we’re expecting to hear information about what’s coming in Windows 10, Cortana, Xbox, Office 365, and Azure. Microsoft will also talk about its HoloLens augmented reality device, and we are expecting to hear about Lumia phones, we may even get a first look to new handsets. Finally, Microsoft is also taking BUILD on the road with the BUILD Tour. The tour will bring sessions to help developers get a deep understanding of Windows 10, there will be demos, partner showcases, and time to interact with Microsoft engineers to ask them any question. The tour will take place after the conference between May and June, in 25 different cities around the world. Below there is a list with all the cities and dates:

London, England (May 18) New York, USA (May 18) Moscow, Russia (May 20) Atlanta, USA (May 20) Sao Paulo, Brazil (May 21) Berlin, Germany (May 22) Mexico City, Mexico (May 27) Tokyo, Japan (May 26) Singapore, Singapore (May 28) Austin, USA (May 29) Auckland, New Zealand (May 30) Sydney, Australia (Jun 1) Seoul, Korea (Jun 1) Paris, France (Jun 1) Shanghai, China (Jun 3) Amsterdam, Netherlands (Jun 3) Beijing, China (Jun 5) Prague, Czech Republic (Jun 5) Mumbai, India (Jun 8) Milan, Italy (Jun 10) Bangalore, India (Jun 10) Chicago, USA (Jun 10) Johannesburg, South Africa (Jun 12) Toronto, Canada (Jun 12) Los Angeles, USA (Jun 15)

For more information about the BUILD Tour, check the official Microsoft web page. Even more information about the conference can be found in Microsoft Channel9. Update: Use the following steps to watch Microsoft’s BUILD 2015 keynotes on VLC player (source Twitter).


  1. Download and install the VLC player, if you don’t have it already. However chances are you already have it installed as it’s one of the best media players out there.
  2. From the menu click Media and select Open Network Stream.
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