While there is a version of the Xbox app for Windows 10 in the latest preview, the presentation shows additional features that we have not seen before. One of these features is Game DVR, which works similar to the Xbox One feature. However, this feature is only for the PC version of the app on Windows 10, which won’t be available for the version on smartphones, but future updates are always possible. Another feature that we didn’t see before was the Game Bar, which can appear inside any Windows 10 PC games. The bar allows users to take a screenshot, record videos, and show notifications when a video recording is complete.

Alongside showing off the gaming experience on Windows 10 via the Xbox app, at GDC 2015, Microsoft talked about the advances on DirectX 12 graphics and performance. The session goes deep into how developers can use the DirectX 12 APIs to reduce CPU usage, manage GPU resources, and enable the best 3D graphics possible across all Windows 10 devices, including phones, PCs, tablets, and Xbox.

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