If you’re not familiar, DirectX 12 is the technology standard for creating and managing gaming, images, and multimedia (such as visual effects and audio effects) that run on Windows-based devices. The Ultimate version isn’t a significant upgrade from the original DirectX 12, but it brings some new changes. For example, with the new version, you’ll have access to Ray Tracing 1.1, which won’t require the GPU overload the main processor making games for Xbox Series X, Nvidia, and AMD graphics cards easier to optimize. When getting a new graphics card or an Xbox Series X console, you’ll now see a new DX12 Ultimate logo letting you know that the hardware is ready for the next generation of graphics features. These features include DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Mesh Shaders, and Sampler Feedback. Although with the Ultimate version of DirectX 12, you may not see noticeable changes, it’ll allow developers to start building new and better experiences for the next generation of games. Microsoft didn’t reveal the DirectX 12 Ultimate release date, but it’s likely to launch sometime during the 2020 holiday season after the Xbox Series X becomes available.

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