Microsoft quickly is reacting to the issue and only a few days from upping the upload limit from 2GB to 10GB for single files, the company is now doubling OneDrive cloud storage to 30GB, effective immediately. Although this is a great offer, it’s a limited time offer, to double the storage capacity in your OneDrive account, you’ll need to enable photos and videos to backup automatically to the service sometime from now and the end of September. It’s a smart marketing campaign from Microsoft that is using the iPhone 6 launch and the issue updating to iOS 8 to promote one of its most popular service. Nonetheless having a bunch more storage on OneDrive for your Apple devices should easy up the upgrade to iOS 8 that requires as much as 7GB of free space in your iPad and iPhone, and now you won’t have to delete any of your precious pictures and apps. The offer isn’t just for Apple customers, Windows, Windows Phone and Android users, who opt to enable the camera backup before the end of September will also see their camera backup capacity going from previous 3GB to 15GB, which is how you’ll get to the 30GB. Also back in the day of SkyDrive, Microsoft used to offer 25GB of free storage and while the company slashed the capacity to 7GB, then back up again to 15GB, old users had the chance to keep their 25GB. Now these users will notice that with this new offer, their storage capacity will increase to 40GB. Update: Microsoft has extended the limited time offer to get 15GB of free bonus storage until the end of October. The image below from email that Microsoft is sending to users details the new changes.

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