Microsoft Edge Kids Mode

The Kids Mode is a new experience that offers a safer browsing experience for young people. The feature allows parents to create a Microsoft Edge profile with special settings depending on their age range that only allows browsing suitable pages and blocks inappropriate content. The profile comes with a predefined list of websites, but you can always manage the list to add or remove sites as needed from the Family settings page (edge://settings/family). Once the mode is enabled, the Edge profile will start in full-screen mode to prevent the user from accessing your computer, and there’s an option to set a custom kids-friendly background for the new tab. And to exit the mode, the account password has to be provided. The setup is straightforward. You only need to click the profile menu from the top-right corner and select the Browse in Kids Mode option, click the Get started button, select the age range, and that’s it.

Password Monitor

Microsoft introduced Password Monitor several months ago, and it is now available for everyone starting version 90. The feature is part of the Passwords settings (edge://settings/passwords), and it keeps monitoring your saved passwords. If one of them leaks in a data breach, you will receive an alert to change it to prevent hackers from eventually getting access to your account and personal information. The feature scans the password automatically by default, but you can always check manually from the Password settings page (edge://settings/passwords).

Microsoft Edge version 90 also includes improvements for the search experience for History. Although the ability to search your web browsing activities has been available for a long time, starting version 90, from the History page (edge://history/all), you can search for things you looked at in the past, and you do not remember the website. For example, you can now search terms like “news articles from last week,” “jacket from yesterday,” or “cookie recipes” to find what you need and do not quite remember the site.

Other changes

Alongside the main new features, Microsoft Edge also ships with various other improvements. For example, now there is a flyout on the menu bar for Downloads. You can bulk-delete passwords. There are additional scaling options for printing, user-initiated search for autofill suggestions, synced browser history support for history search, and more. Microsoft Edge 90 is available now, the update will download and install automatically, but you can always check for updates from the Help settings page (edge://settings/help). All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.