The feature is rolling immediately for all Xbox users, including those on Xbox app and users currently in the new Xbox One Experience Preview. Microsoft also points out that this is a cloud update and you won’t be seeing a visible update on your console or app. In addition, those users on the new Xbox One Experience Preview running Windows 10 for Xbox One will be getting a few additional features:

Party text chat now has more communication options. In the new text chat joins voice chat as a way to communicate with your friends. At the bottom of the ‘Your Party’ page, you will see a button to ‘Show text chat.’ Party text chat will also come to the Beta Xbox App for Windows 10. Updated menu for quick access to common actions. The menu button on your controller lets you pin an app or game to Home, launch a recently played game, or quit an app or game with just the touch of a button. Access new settings in the Guide. Adding to settings already included in the guide, like adjusting the headset volume, you can now turn your console off or restart your console directly from the Guide. Improved Game DVR experience. Microsoft has combined the functionality of the Game DVR snap app and the former Upload app into one easy-to-use app called Game DVR. In full screen mode, you can use this app to view your game clips and screenshot captures. When snapped, you can use Game DVR to start or stop recordings. New animated avatars. The new avatars will be animated on your profile and will start showing up in other new places in the new experience. If you prefer a gamerpic, you can easily switch your image.

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