Below, you’ll find a recap of the most important questions and answers the company offered to fans: Q: Why did the team decide to ditch the Surface text logo for the Microsoft logo? A: We realized that a Surface contains all of what we, as Microsoft has to offer. It is the physical extension of a software experience. To reflect what we thought it was more appropriate to carry the Microsoft mark. And we all liked this idea. Q: Can we convert the charging micro-USB port to a full-size USB port with an adapter, and then plug in any USB device to it? A: Yes! The microUSB port charging port also handles USB data. Q: Will there be a trade-in program for those loyal fans with orphan devices (RT/Surface 2)? A: They aren’t orphans! They are great – my kids and my mom are still using them and love them. There will be an update from Windows for them and they will continue to work great. We’ll definitely think about trade-ins. we don’t have plans right now. Will also see what retailers are thinking – those are often done by the retailers themselves. Q: Why did you choose to use the 3 fixed angles for the kickstand of the Surface 3 in comparison to the unfixed kickstand of the Surface Pro 3? A: We chose to put the 3-position hinges in Surface 3 in order to optimize size and cost of the device. In addition, the 3-position hinges allow the user to flick open the kickstand more easily to the pre-set angles enabling quick operation for on-the go use. Q: I enjoy the connected standby-ness of my Surface RT. I can press the power button to turn off the screen, and still listen to music and stream video to my smart TV. Will the Surface 3 be able to do InstantGo (Connected Standby)? A: Yes. Q: Does the S3 support 4k displays at 60Hz? A: 4K at 30Hz with Intel X7 Gen8 engine. Q: Why micro/full sized USB over USB-C? A: Micro USB … enables charging through all the chargers out there today. Optimized for charger (13W) in box. Full size USB…no adapters needed for everything in market today. Q: Does Surface 3 support Always On / Always Connected (Connected Standby)? A: Behavior is just like Surface Pro 3. 4 hours of connected standby, then into hibernate. Q: Do you have plans to release an LTE/3G version that is internationally unlocked? I’ve been looking for a Full windows tablet with unlocked 3G/4G/LTE for about 4 years now and have not had any success. A: We are doing an unlocked LTE version. Can’t say where it will be available yet, but we hear you and in many markets we will have it available. Stay tuned for more! Q: Will the Surface 3 support two 1440p displays via daisy-chained DisplayPort connections? A: The Surface 3 does not support daisy-chaining monitors over DisplayPort. The Pro line is great for folks who need this. Q: Will the Surface 3 would be compatible with previous type covers? A: yes, previous covers work with Surface 3. The size is a little different, though with the new 3:2 aspect ratio, so if you use your Type cover 2 it just won’t cover the whole screen. There were many other questions from the community, several related to the upcoming Surface Pro 4 release date, but Microsoft kindly denied any concrete comments. Another important topic was the Wi-Fi connectivity to which Microsoft responded: “We have taken the learnings from the Pro3 and applied them to the Surface 3. It has the same wifi/bt chip and the same driver, so all the work we did on the Pro3 directly applies to the Surface 3, on day 1.” — Microsoft’s Panos Panay stated. So, chances are, we’ll still see limited connectivity issues in Surface 3… Source Reddit All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.