Keeping things clear: It’s a wristband, not a smartwatch. With this new device Microsoft is focusing on wrist that isn’t using watch, although it shows the clock and other notifications by default. The Band contains 10 sensors and it’s been designed to track your daily fitness activities by collecting your heart rate 24hrs a day, steps, walks, and runs, burned calories, advanced sleep quality tracking, and it even features unique sensors to track UV exposure and galvanic skin response measurement, which helps measure stress levels.

It’s not just about helping people to live healthier lives, but also to make them more productive as the Microsoft’s Band is capable of displaying many different types of notifications, such as social updates (e.g., Twitter and Facebook), calendar reminders, phone calls received, text and email messages, weather and finance updates. Plus Windows Phone users will be able to take advantage of Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. All on a wristband that comes in three different sizes, features a screen resolution of 310px x 102px, with over a 130 different backgrounds and colors to choose from. And with a battery that last 48 hours on a single 90 minutes charge (it can reach nearly 80% charge within 30 minutes according to Microsoft).

The Microsoft Band is really different as the device works on all major platforms Windows, Apple, and Android. It’s also just part of puzzle to Microsoft’s plans with the “Microsoft Health” platform, and it’s not a smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear, it’s a fitness tracker. At $199.99 it’s not a cheap device, but the features are well worth it for those people who have an actively healthy life style and for those who are committed to change their life style for a healthier one.

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