What’s different about these mice is that they include a new dedicated Windows key button for quick access to the Start screen. The Sculpt Comfort Mouse includes the “Windows touch tab”, which is a touch-sensitive blue strip on the left side. This new blue strip serves three functions: pressing the center piece will take you to the Start screen, swiping up will cycle through your open Windows 8 apps, and swiping down will reveal the stack of open apps in the left side of the screen.

This particular mouse connects to your Windows PC via Bluetooth and has Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, so you can use it in almost any surface. As for the design goes, it is glossy black and tall with the blue strip on the side, and a scroll-wheel. The Sculpt Mobile Mouse is a little different, for starters is more compact and it doesn’t have the Windows touch tab. However, you’ll notice the Windows 8 logo right in the center of the mouse, this is a button for quick access to the Start screen. The Sculpt Mobile Mouse features a four-way scrolling wheel, connects to your computer via a USB transceiver and comes with BlueTrack technology.

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse has a retail price of $39.95 and it will be available in June. And finally the Sculpt Mobile Mouse will cost $29.95 and will be available later in May, 2013. Both mice will be best suited for Windows 8 users, but they will also work in Windows 7 and Mac OS X computers. So if you are running Windows 8 and you still didn’t get used to it, these mice will surely help you to move around the OS. You can also improve your Windows 8 skills with the Training Brochure that Microsoft made available for free. It is a 36-pages PDF file full-colored, that teaches you how to navigate the new Metro-style user-interface, plus it features a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.