For those users already using the service won’t see a lot of changes. The service and apps will continue to be the same. Although, Microsoft will rebrand its apps for Windows 8, Windows Vista, Mac, mobile, and Xbox apps later today. Apparently Office 2013 and Windows 8.1 won’t receive the name just yet, however in both cases the service will be part of OneDrive. Perhaps the most noticeable change with OneDrive is in the new perks for users as Microsoft will start offering additional storage for free with new name. Currently the cloud storage service offers 7GB of free storage for free, but now users will be able to earn up to 8GB of storage that doesn’t expire when meeting a few specific requirements: First it is a new referral program that rewards users up to 5GB of storage when they get friends to sign-up for the service. Each referral will get you 500GB and your friend will also get 500GB — you can do this up to 10 times. Sounds familiar? Of course, this is very similar to Dropbox free storage give away program. And second if you use the camera roll to backup photos using a Windows Phone, Android, or iOS app, you’ll also get 3GB. Alongside the rebrand Microsoft is also releasing an updated version of OneDrive app for Android with an automatic camera uploads feature, so users can easily gain access to the 3GB of additional storage using camera roll. Oh, and users can upload video too. You can get the new app for Android from the Google Play Store today. Keep in mind that Microsoft is just starting to roll out the changes as such will take some time to reach everyone. You can also head of over to sign-in to your account in the rebranded service. If you’re not using OneDrive yet, you can download the app now for the three main platform for:

Windows from Windows Store Windows Phone from Windows Phone Store Mac from iTunes iOS from iTunes Android from Google Play Store

And if you want an extra 500MB of extra storage using my referral link.

Update: Now you can also unlock Xbox One achievements using OneDrive. Fore example on week one will get achievements by simply opening the app on Xbox One and playing 20 photos in a slideshow from the camera roll. Then you can also unlock the “Hope those aren’t all selfies…” achievement by viewing 10 photos from your camera roll. Viewing 100,000 photos will earn the “Long exposure”, “On a roll” watching five hours of slideshows, and “Now you’re thinking with folders” by adding a shared folder on OneGuide. Update: Did you sign-up to get notified about OneDrive before launched? And you couldn’t get the 100GB of free storage for one year? Don’t worry, because now Microsoft is sending out emails with codes so you and one friend can get an extra 20GB of OneDrive storage for free. (Below is the email I received this morning.)

Also remember that you can still get the 100GB of free storage on OneDrive by visiting the Microsoft Store near you, but you must hurry, offer ends February 24. (Here are the official rules.) Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.