Of the eight updates, Windows 8 will get four, three of them are labeled as Important to fix remote code execution and denial of service issues. And the fourth is marked as Critical and is target to patch Internet Explorer 10. Windows RT in the other hand will get three of the updates and it also receives the IE10 critical patch. Like always, Microsoft isn’t releasing any more specific information until the company officially rolls out the updates to everyone. We might also see a new firmware update for Surface RT. Microsoft often releases a new firmware with each Patch Tuesday, but last month this didn’t happen. So, the new firmware update is behind schedule and some issues need to be fixed. The updates for Windows for August 2013 will be available today, you can either install them manually or you can leave the operating system to download them automatically. Update: Microsoft pushes new firmware update for Surface RT and Pro models:

The Surface RT update contains improvements that optimizes the audio experience at low volumes and removes a perceived pulsing in audio volume for some content. Also the firmware updates system drivers that enhances stability and reliability. The Surface Pro update reduces power consumption, improves touch latency with the touchpad while using the cover, and enhances system stability and reliability.

Windows 8.1 Preview seems to also be getting a new batch of updates. I just check and there is a total of four new updates:

Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 Preview (KB2862772) Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8.1 Preview (KB2871676) — This update resolves Flash video quickly lightens and darkens during playback. This causes a flickering effect. Update for Windows 8.1 Preview (KB2875111) — This update fixes for adaptive streaming and Digital Rights Management (DRM) playback features for Internet Explorer 11 Preview in the OS. Update for Windows 8.1 Preview (KB2875636) — Fixes for adaptive streaming and DRM playback features in the operating system.

Update: Here is the list with all the official Patch Tuesday rollouts:

Vulnerability in Unicode Scripts Processor Could Allow Remote Code Execution (KB2850869) Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (KB2862772) Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution (KB2876063) Vulnerability in Remote Procedure Call Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (KB2849470) Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (KB2859537) Vulnerability in Windows NAT Driver Could Allow Denial of Service (KB2849568) Vulnerability in ICMPv6 could allow Denial of Service (KB2868623) Vulnerability in Active Directory Federation Services Could Allow Information Disclosure (KB2873872)

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