The new Xbox app replaces the current Xbox One and Xbox 360 SmartGlass apps that were available for the different platforms, and Microsoft says that it includes all the same features you used to have in the SmartGlass apps, and a lot more. If you have already used the Xbox app on Windows 10 or on Windows 10 Mobile, the new app for iOS and Android will look very familiar.

Here’s what’s new on the Xbox app for iOS and Android

Updated home: The Activity Feed is the home of the Xbox app. Activity feed updates: More personalised activity feed. Added Trending content: Find out what is popular on Xbox Live. Facebook friend finder: Add your Facebook friends who are also on Xbox. Contact list friend finder: Use your phone’s contact list to add friends to Xbox Live. Real name sharing: Be able to share your real name with your friends. Game hubs: Game Hubs now added to Xbox app. Connection destination: Updated the Xbox One navigation and media control of your Xbox One from the app. Updated profiles: Redesigned user profiles in Xbox app.

The new app comes out just before Microsoft takes the stage at E3 to launch the new Xbox One S with the new controller, and a slew of other announcements. Here’s what to expect from Microsoft at E3, plus schedule and links to the live stream.

Xbox app for Android | Download at Google Play Xbox app for iOS | Download at Apple Store

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