Starting in Windows 10 build 10056 there is more evidence that all the updated universal apps like Mail, Calendar, Weather, News, Sports, Money, Video and Music Preview, have two things in common: The hamburger menu button in the title bar has been removed and the full screen button is also gone from the title.

However, the menu button isn’t completely gone, now users will notice this button in the same top-left corner, but now it’s part of the app. This will make it easier to access apps options on any mode (Tablet or Desktop). Now you may be wondering: how do you put an app in full screen mode? In Windows 10, it seems that Microsoft has figured out that users will only need to full screen an app when in Tablet Mode, and not in the traditional desktop mode. So, the only time you’ll be able to see an app using the entire screen without a title bar is when using Tablet Mode.

The image below shows the difference on new updated app and an old app:

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