Back in August 2011, Skype decided to buy the messaging service, probably to integrate GroupMe’s features into Skype’s chat technology. Only a few weeks after this announcement, the technology giant from Redmond swallowed Skype and with it, GroupMe as well. After Microsoft had, intentionally or not, bought both services, the company didn’t implement GroupMe into Skype as some of you might have expected, but it continued to develop GroupMe as an independent messaging service. Almost exactly one month ago, a brand new Windows 10 Mobile app has been released to support all new features of the operating system, such as direct reply in the action center and a few other things. To make it an even better experience on devices, where an app is not available at this time, Microsoft has now rolled out a new beta version of the GroupMe web app to a limited number of users. The beta comes with an overhauled design for you to experience a more modern and up-to-date look and feel. The side panel is looking a bit like these hamburger menus, which you might know from Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. By clicking on the GroupMe logo in the top left corner, you can expand and minimize the menu. Furthermore, you are getting three main features: Chats, Contacts, and Archives in the upper half of this menu, and of course, you can access settings & view profile options in the lower half.

While GroupMe was always a little side project, it seems like the company is now focusing more on this service. Not only the company has released a new Windows Mobile App, but it is even integrated in the people app there. As a result the messaging service is very nice to use now with these improved applications. GroupMe has not made any announcements when this beta will be available publicly yet, neither on their blog nor on Twitter. However, in case you got interested in the GroupMe messaging service, head over to its official website for further information. Do you think there is a way for Microsoft to establish their messaging service, beside WhatsApp and Telegram? Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this and stay tuned for more news.

GroupMe web app

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